Informative Links

Utah State Courts Website
The online home for all of the Utah State Courts, including Small Claims Court.

Criminal Justice Services Website
This is the online home for some very useful organizations, including Pre-Trial Services.

Metro (A.D.C.) Jail Roster
Here you can check who is in jail, and who has been released.

Official Website for Utah Government
The Official Home Page for the Utah State Government. This site contains a wealth of information. Otherwise known as "Utah.Gov"

Utah Department of Corrections
The Official Home Page for the Utah Department of Corrections. You can check the Utah Sex Offender Registry Database here.

Sheriff's Office Website
The Official Home Page for the Sheriff's Office.

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Each criminal case has individual needs which may require the fee to be adjusted, either up or down in price.

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In Utah, most felony and misdemeanor convictions can be expunged, leaving your record as if the convictions never happened.
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