My loved one is in jail and the bail is too high... what can be done?

Bond is initially set by the court to allow the defendant a chance to be released from jail while his or her case is being processed through the legal system. The purpose of setting a bond is to insure that the defendant will, if released, return for his next court date. The bond can be raised or lowered by a judge, depending on the details of each case.

If the bond is set too high, an attorney can request that the court set a "Bond Hearing." At this hearing the attorney will present reasons why the defendant's bail should be lowered. The goal is to convince the court that the defendant will appear for his court dates. If the bond is too high, there is another option. An attorney can help the defendant arrange for a release supervised by "Pre-Trial Services."

Pre-Trial Services is a county organization providing release from jail for people booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. The Pre-Trial Staff interviews every defendant in jail to determine suitability for release. If released from jail, the Pre-Trial staff will track the defendant's case by monitoring court attendance.

The benefit of a Pre-Trial Services release is obvious...the defendant can be released from jail without having to spend money on a bondsman. An attorney can often increase the chances of securing a Pre-Trial release by advocating for the defendant's release with the court. The attorney can also help the client provide the necessary information to Pre-Trial Services.

What are the basic steps in the criminal justice process?

  • Arraignment
  • Bond Hearing
  • Roll Call (there can be several Roll Calls)
  • Preliminary Hearing / Evidence Hearings
  • Motion Hearings
  • Pre-trial Conferences
  • Trial
  • Sentencing (if convicted)
  • Post-Sentencing reviews

I don't have enough cash right now... will you take payments? Can you start work before payment is made?

No, I will only work on a case after payment is made. I will not make payment arrangements or accept financing/payments. I will not accept payment "in kind," meaning that payment cannot be made through car or motorcycle titles, or other physical property. I hope that this doesn't sound too harsh, but I have learned through experience that payment must be made before a court appearance is filed.

Will you be at every court date with me?

Yes, I will be with you at every stage of the process. Your case will never be "assigned" to another associated attorney. I only accept a limited number of cases so that I can give your case the personal attention it deserves. I try to personally return all of my telephone messages every day. I also strive to keep each client up-to-date on the details of their unfolding case. I believe that being prepared and on time for court is the basis for a respectable law practice.

Listen, I'm really guilty... will you still fight for me?

Yes, I will always fight for the client's best interest. I will work within the boundaries of the law to provide you the very best defense possible. Our system of justice allows for a defendant to require the government to prove their case. I will do my best to make sure the government follows the rules and is forced to meet their burden of proof. If a vigorous defense is launched, the government may not be able to meet that burden of proof.

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